Watching live sports in the bar


If you want a spot from which you can enjoy a good meal and catch a live game in London, you are in luck. Many establishments offer such amenities at affordable prices, thereby providing you with a haven to which you can occasionally retreat. This piece will focus on the best spots in the city that not only have fantastic meals but also boast of a range in screens. There is no need to huddle in one place, and you can catch the game from any angle. Let’s get started:


Brigadiers restaurant

This Indian barbecue restaurant boasts of ten TVs set around the establishment, all of which feature live games. It works for a range of events, including corporate activities, birthdays, private dining, a night out with friends, etc. You will enjoy the lively atmosphere that matches the electric feelings that are characteristic of any big game. From the whiskey vending machine to the alluring pool room, there is a lot to enjoy in this spot, which also serves mouth-watering dishes.

The ambiance is enough to have you feeling like home as you dig into the butter chicken wings with a drink in one hand. You can catch the game at the bar as you enjoy some banter with other football fans. The chairs are like rotating thrones, allowing you to catch the game from different angles. They also allow you to make dramatic moves when the game goes your way.

The pool area allows you to cool off as the game gets heated, and while you are here, you can gaze at oil portraits of football legends such as Thierry Henry. You can also opt to enjoy the game from the seating area. While here, you can enjoy the masala chicken skins, vindaloo samosas, butter chicken wings, bun kebabs, and many more. If your goal is to wind down, catch your favourite teams and quell your hunger pangs, this spot will suit you.

The Compton Arms

Compton Arms

This pub offers you quite a lot and creates a homey feeling for all people, regardless of age group. It has everything that works in making a pub a great spot to catch a game. From the craft beer to the large screen through to the endless supply of breadcrumbs, it has it all. Families and small groups alike can gather here for drinks and a small bite now and then.

This establishment is home to many local Arsenal fans and is also welcoming to other teams’ fans. It serves small plates to its customers who enjoy the ever-changing variety. But one thing never changes – and that is the cheeseburger which brings people to this pub from far and wide. It comprises a bun underneath which lie onion, sauces, and gherkin covered in melted American cheese. Having one of these burgers as you stare up at the large screen is not a feeling you are likely to forget any time soon.

The Scolt Head

The Scolt Head

If you want a setting where you can enjoy a drink and a slight breeze as you catch your game, this can work. This local eatery has a lively environment and proves welcoming to friends, families, and even individuals who are on the hunt for a good meal and energetic game. Its front garden features trees that add to its country pub feel, making it feel quite calming. Even as you watch the game’s pace pick up, you will hardly feel the pressure. And as you do this, you can enjoy the classic meals in the menu ranging from pates to pies. Be sure to get a table outside as this allows you to soak in the calming ambiance.


Yucatan bar

This setup is excellent for watching sports and catching up with friends over a drink. It features a bar cum pub feeling and is home to many regulars who consider it their haven. Their abundance in large screens makes it an ideal spot for anyone looking to have their eyes glued on the screen. It serves a variety of foods such as pizza and can make arrangements for ordering in, under some circumstances.


Bodean's BBQ

This BBQ spot is home to plenty of screens and fantastic meat dishes. Its central location also gives it a boost in ratings, owing to its easy accessibility. You can catch up on the game as you make new friends and enjoy the lively atmosphere. And as for the food, you will never get enough of the smoked sausages, which are a favourite.


The Heron

The Heron bar

If you are in the mood for some Thai food, this spot will do, as it features a restaurant downstairs that excels in the same. This bungalow setup has a ton of screens and is ideal for big groups, birthdays, and catching up with loved ones. You can also drop by for a casual dinner during the week while you catch the game. And if you are looking to get busy, you can take advantage of the karaoke room.

Other ideal spots include The Faltering Fullback, Effra Hall Tavern, and The Lighthouse.