Watching live football in sports restaurant


London is home to many restaurants where you can enjoy good food while catching a game. Whether you are following the World Cup, the Super Bowl, or a smaller event, you can count on these spots to keep you fed and entertained. They sprawl over the expanse of the city such that you can find one in almost every nook. Here, you have the assurance of being surrounded by fans who will join you in appreciating your favourite spot as you down some drinks and enjoy an array of snacks. Here goes:



This sports bar, which boasts of a lively ambiance, has fast risen in popularity, attracting more sports fans by the day. As you finish a long day at work, you can hop in for a drink and meal and watch as teams go head to head. The buzzing ground floor features a huge central bar. Have a seat here, choosing from the numerous seating options, and relax as the staff wait on you. If you want to catch every moment of the game, take advantage of the five sports screens displaying the action with every passing second. You can also unwind by enjoying the pool table and the two shuffleboard tables in the setup.

When it comes to drinks, this sports bar is quite generous and offers the best brands in its curated list. The meals are quite filling and should give you the energy needed to follow as the actions unfold. You can also count on this spot for group dining as you enjoy an evening out with your loved ones.

The Bull Streatham

The Bull Streatham

This pub has quite a rich history, having come to be back in 1768 as The Pied Bull. Over time, it has undergone some changes but has maintained some of the original features. You can thus enjoy the beauty accruing from the etched glass mirrors, and leaded-light windows. These blend in with contemporary light fittings, creating a beautiful marriage between the new and the old. Inside, you will find a saloon bar where you can enjoy some good ale as you wind down. Alternatively, you can head to the dining area bathed in the beauty of soothing colours. Here, you will come across seasonal menus which boast of fresh foods such as poached rainbow trout and saffron mayo.

The Latchmere

The Latchmere

This gin palace boasts of various cuisines, including vegan, vegetarian, British, and gastropub options. It features a fun and traditional ambiance that makes it great for dinner, lunch, and Saturday roast meals. The beer garden and outside seating add to its calming appeal that keeps the customers coming in the hundreds. Special features include vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. Plus, the spot is dog-friendly, allowing you to dine with your tailed friend to catch a game or two.

The spot recently underwent a makeover that saw the introduction of an extensive wine list. Additionally, you can enjoy a range of cocktails, bar snacks, black pudding scotch eggs, and other delicacies while at the bar. Victorian elements in play in the pub are a bonus. You can count on this spot as a welcome choice for birthdays, group dining, and child-friendly activities.

Sports Bar & Grill Farringdon

Sports Bar & Grill Farringdon

This fun and lively bar has a string of operations set across London, allowing you to grab a drink ever so often, regardless of where you are. The sites feature big screens with sports kits adorning the bare brick walls and copper surfaces. They operate all day, offering generous breakfast options with pies and burgers served throughout the day. The dessert menu is impressive, featuring retro options such as ice cream sandwiches and Arctic rolls. The bar does not disappoint as it serves commercial favourites at affordable prices. The buzz in the air allows you to enjoy your favourite sports for hours on end.


Game console controllers and beer on the table


E-sports is no longer an emerging industry, but rather, one which has taken hold in the economy and continues to grow in bounds and leaps. Even so, there is still an issue regarding access to these sports. You see, even if they have gained popularity over the years, they seem to be a niche to some extent. As such, it becomes quite tricky for beginners to access gaming centres, which can help them work on their skills.

Many people want in on this industry, whether for fun or in the hope of making some cash from tournaments. And when people cannot lay their hands on such opportunities, frustration can set in over time. Looking at this scenario, you can see that there is a broad market for these sporting opportunities. And when it comes to the viability, you can see that as long as one does their feasibility studies right, they can reap big from such ventures. This piece will look into the marketability of such sports and whether you should consider them a source of income.


Before venturing into any business, you always have to ask yourself who your target consumers are and whether they will embrace the concept. It does not matter if you are starting an e-sports bar or selling lemonade by the roadside. You must know who you are targeting, making it easier for you to tailor your marketing strategies based on their interests. With e-sports, you are lucky as you do not have to do much marketing. There is a considerable population of people out there hoping to engage in such activities.

The mere mention of an e-sports bar is enough to have them flocking to your establishment. However, you cannot rely on popularity alone, and you have to work on marketing the venue. You must understand what sportspeople are more likely to embrace and emerging trends in the industry. You do not want to be behind on these developments, as this could be the difference between profits and barely breaking even.

E-sports Bars

In recent years, people have gravitated towards such setups, which bear a lot of similarities to traditional sports bars. In the past, people would flock to pubs to grab a drink, have a bite, and catch up on some live games. Now, people do the same in the hope of playing some games and relaxing in their friends’ company. Others do so to engage in competitive games and make some cash or rack up their points.

While operating such a bar may look like a fun concept to which gamers would readily gravitate, it does have some challenges. For one, casual gamers tend to be introverted and may find a bar’s liveliness a bit too much for them. That can create anxiety in the players such that they may shun the idea and instead, opt to play from the comfort of their homes. As a business owner, you have to work with tried and tested solutions to reduce this anxiety and calm the players. You can adopt private gaming rooms for such players who may have a harder time engaging with other gamers. You should also ensure that the staff is friendly and prompt in catering to the players’ needs.

How can you profit off of such a venture? You have to work with emerging trends as much as you can. You see, not everyone enjoys playing e-sports, and some people are in it to watch others play or even learn from them. Hosting tournaments creates an environment in which people can fairly compete. Many gamers can attend these events in the hope of walking away with the cash. Most bars work with the concept that players only have to buy drinks for entry into the games. With this kind of model, you can attract more customers to your spot, and make a killing from such events.


Guy playing strategy game in e-sports bar


Are you looking to game while you enjoy a pint of beer and some mouth-watering snacks? If yes, London has a ton of options available for you. This piece will cover some of the best spots in the city and what makes them stand out from the rest:

The Four Thieves

This pub features a basement with an escape room which you and your friends can enjoy as you learn how to work as a team. If golfing appeals to you more, you can take advantage of the plonk golf section. This area allows you to take part in indoor golfing, which can get quite competitive. You can also enjoy other activities, such as swing dance, comedy, and live acts. There is always something exciting taking place in this pub, making it a go-to for anyone searching for fun games.

You can look forward to remote-controlled racing, retro arcade games, and VR booths like you have never seen for gaming. It is also exciting that the beer served comes from on-site brewing, enabling you to enjoy it fresh from the tap. You will also enjoy the variation in the drinks. Foods served include fried calamari, chili nachos, vegan nuggets, hummus, tacos, and feta burgers.

The Four Quarters

This pub features retro arcade game screens and offers a variety of crafty ales to its customers. Arcade games include Street Fighter and Sega Rally, and the establishment provides free gaming consoles too. If you want something different from the games, you can enjoy the film nights and Mario Kart competitions during the week. And over the weekend, you can look forward to some good music courtesy of deejays.

The Peckham spot would be an excellent place to start, on the Rye Lane. This establishment came to be back in 2014 and has since become a go-to for many a gamer. It offers craft beers and has a cosy room where gamers can enjoy up to ten retro consoles. While here, you can go to the hidden basement cocktail bar for more fun and even spend time in ‘The Confession Box.’

The kitchen serves loaded fries, grilled cheese, hot dogs, and other snacks, keeping you fuelled while enjoying the many games. All arcades use US quarters, and you can purchase four quarters for a pound. You can now see the inference to the name. You will be happy to know that the consoles are free to play.


This E-sports Studio and Internet Café is one of a kind and allows you to relax, strap in, and enjoy online gaming for hours on end. The flagship London store features public gaming areas, a twelve-station eSports battle section, and even allows customers to use their phones in gaming. The store has comfortable sofas in its private gaming rooms, all of which are equipped with the latest gaming equipment.

Customer service in this bar is unrivalled, as the centre ensures that gamers never have to leave their stations midgame. Once you ring the bell, a member of the staff should be by your side in the next forty seconds. And while they cater to your needs, they will not interrupt your session, allowing you to focus on winning.

You will also love the range in titles, including the League of Legends, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft. And if this is not enough, you are free to download the games you find more interesting. For people who are new to eSports, there are training sessions, events, and workshops through which you can work on your skills.


This bar works for anyone looking to enjoy a drink, relax and play some of their favourite games. It has been in operation since 2010 and has made a name for itself by providing game-themed cocktails. The best part about this spot is that you do not have to pay for the games. As long as you buy drinks, you are welcome to participate in any of the games. How fun is that!

The spot features PS4, Nintendo Switch, SNES Mini, XBOX One, and more than sixty board games. No sooner have you finished one can you start another, keeping you occupied throughout the day. Can you think of a better way to polish your gaming skills as you catch up with friends?


Watching live sports in the bar


If you want a spot from which you can enjoy a good meal and catch a live game in London, you are in luck. Many establishments offer such amenities at affordable prices, thereby providing you with a haven to which you can occasionally retreat. This piece will focus on the best spots in the city that not only have fantastic meals but also boast of a range in screens. There is no need to huddle in one place, and you can catch the game from any angle. Let’s get started:


Brigadiers restaurant

This Indian barbecue restaurant boasts of ten TVs set around the establishment, all of which feature live games. It works for a range of events, including corporate activities, birthdays, private dining, a night out with friends, etc. You will enjoy the lively atmosphere that matches the electric feelings that are characteristic of any big game. From the whiskey vending machine to the alluring pool room, there is a lot to enjoy in this spot, which also serves mouth-watering dishes.

The ambiance is enough to have you feeling like home as you dig into the butter chicken wings with a drink in one hand. You can catch the game at the bar as you enjoy some banter with other football fans. The chairs are like rotating thrones, allowing you to catch the game from different angles. They also allow you to make dramatic moves when the game goes your way.

The pool area allows you to cool off as the game gets heated, and while you are here, you can gaze at oil portraits of football legends such as Thierry Henry. You can also opt to enjoy the game from the seating area. While here, you can enjoy the masala chicken skins, vindaloo samosas, butter chicken wings, bun kebabs, and many more. If your goal is to wind down, catch your favourite teams and quell your hunger pangs, this spot will suit you.

The Compton Arms

Compton Arms

This pub offers you quite a lot and creates a homey feeling for all people, regardless of age group. It has everything that works in making a pub a great spot to catch a game. From the craft beer to the large screen through to the endless supply of breadcrumbs, it has it all. Families and small groups alike can gather here for drinks and a small bite now and then.

This establishment is home to many local Arsenal fans and is also welcoming to other teams’ fans. It serves small plates to its customers who enjoy the ever-changing variety. But one thing never changes – and that is the cheeseburger which brings people to this pub from far and wide. It comprises a bun underneath which lie onion, sauces, and gherkin covered in melted American cheese. Having one of these burgers as you stare up at the large screen is not a feeling you are likely to forget any time soon.

The Scolt Head

The Scolt Head

If you want a setting where you can enjoy a drink and a slight breeze as you catch your game, this can work. This local eatery has a lively environment and proves welcoming to friends, families, and even individuals who are on the hunt for a good meal and energetic game. Its front garden features trees that add to its country pub feel, making it feel quite calming. Even as you watch the game’s pace pick up, you will hardly feel the pressure. And as you do this, you can enjoy the classic meals in the menu ranging from pates to pies. Be sure to get a table outside as this allows you to soak in the calming ambiance.


Yucatan bar

This setup is excellent for watching sports and catching up with friends over a drink. It features a bar cum pub feeling and is home to many regulars who consider it their haven. Their abundance in large screens makes it an ideal spot for anyone looking to have their eyes glued on the screen. It serves a variety of foods such as pizza and can make arrangements for ordering in, under some circumstances.