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E-sports is no longer an emerging industry, but rather, one which has taken hold in the economy and continues to grow in bounds and leaps. Even so, there is still an issue regarding access to these sports. You see, even if they have gained popularity over the years, they seem to be a niche to some extent. As such, it becomes quite tricky for beginners to access gaming centres, which can help them work on their skills.

Many people want in on this industry, whether for fun or in the hope of making some cash from tournaments. And when people cannot lay their hands on such opportunities, frustration can set in over time. Looking at this scenario, you can see that there is a broad market for these sporting opportunities. And when it comes to the viability, you can see that as long as one does their feasibility studies right, they can reap big from such ventures. This piece will look into the marketability of such sports and whether you should consider them a source of income.


Before venturing into any business, you always have to ask yourself who your target consumers are and whether they will embrace the concept. It does not matter if you are starting an e-sports bar or selling lemonade by the roadside. You must know who you are targeting, making it easier for you to tailor your marketing strategies based on their interests. With e-sports, you are lucky as you do not have to do much marketing. There is a considerable population of people out there hoping to engage in such activities.

The mere mention of an e-sports bar is enough to have them flocking to your establishment. However, you cannot rely on popularity alone, and you have to work on marketing the venue. You must understand what sportspeople are more likely to embrace and emerging trends in the industry. You do not want to be behind on these developments, as this could be the difference between profits and barely breaking even.

E-sports Bars

In recent years, people have gravitated towards such setups, which bear a lot of similarities to traditional sports bars. In the past, people would flock to pubs to grab a drink, have a bite, and catch up on some live games. Now, people do the same in the hope of playing some games and relaxing in their friends’ company. Others do so to engage in competitive games and make some cash or rack up their points.

While operating such a bar may look like a fun concept to which gamers would readily gravitate, it does have some challenges. For one, casual gamers tend to be introverted and may find a bar’s liveliness a bit too much for them. That can create anxiety in the players such that they may shun the idea and instead, opt to play from the comfort of their homes. As a business owner, you have to work with tried and tested solutions to reduce this anxiety and calm the players. You can adopt private gaming rooms for such players who may have a harder time engaging with other gamers. You should also ensure that the staff is friendly and prompt in catering to the players’ needs.

How can you profit off of such a venture? You have to work with emerging trends as much as you can. You see, not everyone enjoys playing e-sports, and some people are in it to watch others play or even learn from them. Hosting tournaments creates an environment in which people can fairly compete. Many gamers can attend these events in the hope of walking away with the cash. Most bars work with the concept that players only have to buy drinks for entry into the games. With this kind of model, you can attract more customers to your spot, and make a killing from such events.

Another option would be to have a range in games such that you target more than one consumer group. You can incorporate events such as quiz nights, comedy performances, and add board games to your offerings. That way, almost everyone would have a chance at fun. And with that, you should also keep the drinks flowing. After all, it is a bar, and people should view it as such.

You have to consider how much it costs to set up the business and how much you need to break even from the same. Factors include the costs of the premises, machines, running the bar and catering services, staff costs, and funding costs. Different e-sports models will set you back varying amounts. They also attract different clientele. All in all, running an e-sports bar is likely to grow your income sources significantly. Many people want to enjoy such amenities and are short on options. As long as you can meet this need and grow your customer base, you should make money. Feasibility studies must come into play in such ventures; else, you can end up losing money. All the best!

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